首次發表時間:2012.10.22首張專輯-THE HILLS CHRONICLES

Last night I saw you perfectly tricking,

So much obsessed with your drinking

and nothing could make you rush.

Casino, music, martini 

Your play was like call on genie.

I should be a winner that evening

but fuck! you’ve got royal flush.


You know how to destroy my ego. 

You know how to disarm me right. 

Now I have some trap for you, baby. 

Let see what happens tonight.


Step one:
I’m taking out my gun

Step two:
Promise, I’ll be gentle to you.

Step three:
Baby, come closer to me.

Take it easy.

Step four:
Baby, let’s do that on the floor.

Step five
Want to make you stay by my side.

Bang bang!

Baby, fall into my arms.

Your game’s over.





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